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Look amazing this Spring!!!

posted 19 May 2012, 02:10 by Rolandas V

 Look amazing with Romantic Lingerie!!!

 Somehow it is every year but the same again: angry woman on the well-maintained over the winter flab on legs, abdomen and buttocks and forging great intentions for training and nutrition plans. The motivation is great, but often the problem is the implementation (do not worry dear women, it concerns us all so easy ...). But let's be honest, if not now, when?? Spring is the perfect time to be cleverly sports program into action. Increasingly loud chirping of birds, the blossoming of nature and now and then a few rays of sunshine are more than encouraging. So nothing like sneakers on and get out with you ...
 No matter what outdoor sport you choose, whether riding, cycling, beach volleyball, soccer, jogging, or, or, or ... it is critical the equipment to unload the body enough and to spare. In addition to first-class footwear of the right sports bra, especially the A and O. Most women, he is treated rather neglected, BUT should not the consequences of a lack of support of the breast to be underestimated. Severe back pain, connective tissue. And a limited freedom of movement throughout the sport are based on the cause of the wrong sports bra. In particular, women with weak connective tissue, or an extra large cup or women who opt for sports with very high exercise intensity, the sports bra should not be taken lightly. Sports bras, for example, Freya and Anita (you will of course also Romantic Lingerie to the brand shops stake here long: Anita & Freya) technology, with ergonomically cut relief carriers, special section shapes of the cups, which promise a better fit, with soft microfiber materials , a smooth interior finish and a breathable, antibacterial eyelet best protection.